Double Notebook Cover A5 size


「Vintage series」

We use parts with many deep wrinkles on shoulders and necks, and parts with many blood lines and scratches. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the vintage look and the original look of leather.
(Tochigi Leather / Nume Leather / Vegetable Tannin / Oil Pull Up)

・Material: Cowhide (Tochigi Leather, Nume Leather / Vegetable Tannin / Oil Pull Up)

・Specifications: Two notebooks / notebooks can be installed

・Dimensions: Approximately 22.5cm in height X approximately 16.5cm in width
 (Excluding belt / reference width when wearing a notebook with a thickness of 36 mm)

・Colors:Camel, Olive, Classic Brown, Blue, Black
 (The color tone varies slightly depending on the photo and the lot and part of the leather.)

・Pen holder: Compatible with pens with a diameter of about 15mm / Jetstream rubber grip can be attached

・Manufacture: Japan (handmade by Japanese leather craftsmen)

※ Notebooks, ballpoint pens, etc. are not included. Only sold on the main unit.

※ It is also characterized by leather wrinkles, scratches, blood streaks remaining.


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