Notebook Cover A5 size Vintage series

A notebook cover that suits everyday wear


Darely incorporating the original leather wrinkles, scratches, etc. "in a vintage style"

"Expression" of roughness using the shoulder part of cowhide


Beltless so that you can easily take notes.

Natural expression of leather



「Vintage series」

We use parts with many deep wrinkles on shoulders and necks, and parts with many blood lines and scratches. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the vintage look and the original look of leather.

(Tochigi leather, l vegetable tannin, oil pull-up)

    Color: Camel, Olive, Classic Brown, Turquoise Blue, Red, Black



・Notebook size (A5 size): Vertical 21.0cm x Horizontal 14.8cm x Thickness 1.8cm


Customized and unique items!

[Japanese craftsman finish Vintage] A5 notebook cover Nume leather (Vegetable tannin)

The notebook cover of the Vintage series is finished using a piece of Nume leather that looks vintage.
Made using the original leather wrinkles, tigers, scratches, blood lines, etc.
Therefore, almost the same pattern does not exist, it is finished in a unique notebook cover.

A5 size notebooks, Takahashi notebooks, efficiency notebooks (NOLTY), etc. can be used for notebooks and notebooks up to 18mm thick.

・Material: Cowhide (Tochigi leather Nume leather)
    Vegetable tannin tanning

・System unit dimensions: Approximately 22.5cm in length X approximately 15.7cm in width X thickness approximately 2.3cm

 (Almost when wearing a hobonichi notebook such as A5 size notebook.)

・Notebook size (A5 size): Vertical 21.0cm x Horizontal 14.8cm x Thickness 1.8cm

※When storing the Takahashi notebook or efficiency notebook (Nolty), remove the cover of the attached notebook.

・Pen hole: For pens with a diameter of about 15mm
 (Rubber grip can be used)

・Manufacture: Japan (handmade by Japanese leather craftsmen)

※ Notebooks, ballpoint pens, etc. are not included. Only sold on the main unit.

※  Another feature is that wrinkles, scratches, blood lines, etc. remain clear.

※ Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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