Leather Types

・About the leather used

Domestic production uses “Tochigi Leather” and “Himeji Leather”, while overseas production uses “Italian Leather”.

Tochigi Leather: A long-established tanner that represents Japan. Because it is colored only with dye, you can enjoy the original look and aging of leather. It is also characterized by remaining tigers (wrinkles), blood lines, and wounds. The shop uses three types of leather with different finishes divided into “Classic”, “City”, “Shrink” and “Vintage” series. * Because it is colored only with dye, there is some color blur depending on lots and parts. * "Classic" and "Vintage" use the same type of leather, but the parts are different.

Himeji Leather: This is a tanner in the Himeji area. Our shop uses synthetic tanned leather using plant tannins and chrome, which has been embossed. Because it is colored with pigment, it has a relatively clean surface with few wrinkles. It is also hard to be scratched and has little aging like Nume leather. In our store, we change the type of embossing and color variation, and use it separately for each series of “CP”, “Style” and “Style-colors”. * “CP” and “Style” are used only on the outside.

Italian leather: A vegetable tannin in the vicinity of Santa Croce, Italy. It is a simple tanner and is produced by the traditional method of Tuscany, the bucket method. This shop uses it for the “Antique” series. * Baketta manufacturing method: It is a traditional Italian leather manufacturing method in which leather is tanned with natural astringent (tannins) extracted from plants and oil is soaked over time. * Also used on the leather inside the "Style" series.

・About product series

Classic: Nume leather that combines firmness and softness is used. Finished with a technique called “oil pull-up” with plenty of oil, you can enjoy a natural natural shine and a smooth feel.

City: Nume leather with surface and glossy finish is used to create a more urban image than the “Classic” series. Enjoy a more sophisticated adult atmosphere.

Shrink: Gives leather wrinkles and uses softly finished leather. Familiar with the hand from the beginning, it is characterized by being less scratched and lighter than the “Classic” and “City” series.

・Vintage: The same leather as the “Classic” series, but with a lot of deep wrinkles on the shoulders and neck and a part with many blood lines and scratches. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the vintage look and the original look of leather.

CP (Carbon Pattern): The outside uses Himeji leather with a carbon pattern. With a beautiful geometric finish, you can enjoy the sporty atmosphere unique to carbon patterns. The stitches are made with casual “modern gray” with the expectation of tightening the overall impression. Combining leather from the “City” series on the inside, warm leather is finished with an inorganic image.

Style: The outside uses Himeji leather with a grain pattern. Because it is more resistant to scratches than Nume leather and has little aging, it can be handled more easily even though it is genuine leather. By using high-quality Italian leather on the inside, you can enjoy authentic Nume leather and at the same time make it easy to handle. We are particular about stitching, and we adopted “modern gray” for black and “ginger” for brown, and put together a chic image.

Style-colors: The same type of leather as “Style” is used on the inside and outside. Because it is more resistant to scratches than Nume leather and has little aging, it can be handled more easily even though it is genuine leather. By using colorful leather and stitches, it reduces the profound feeling and finishes with a light impression.

・Antique: Finished like a fine art piece using Italian tanning-tanned leather. The wrinkle pattern on the surface is very delicate and you can enjoy unique texture and aging like no other. The luster increases with depth of use and the depth increases. The expression changes like antique furniture.

・About Nume leather

Nume leather is made by planting tannins (vegetable tannins and vegetable tannins) without processing the leather surface (silver surface). (It changes from leather to leather) Therefore, it is characterized by wrinkles (tigers), scratches, blood lines, etc. that are the original taste of leather. In addition, the leather itself is strong, but please note that the surface is easily scratched, and it is easy to get spots due to water wetting. In addition, the color changes due to ultraviolet rays and hand sebum with use, so please understand these features and enjoy aging. * Nume leather dyed in different colors even in the same lot or in the same leather place, there are few products with the same expression.