Notebook & Memo pad cover Classic&City

It is possible to hold both a notebook of A5 size and a memo pad such as ROHDIA No.16 in this cover.

Pen loop : 15mm in diameter
Accessory: a leather bookmark


[Japanese craftsman finish] A5 notebook & memo pad Leather cover is available in both "Classic series" and "City series".

The leather of each series is “Tochigi leather” tanned leather (Vegetable tannin tanning), the Classic series has the original feel of simple leather, and the City series has a more refined design that completely changes the finish method. It is finished. C&L TRASCO products are our original products created by Japanese leather craftsmen.

"Tochigi Leather" is a long-established tanner in Japan, and is a high-quality tanned leather tanned from raw cowhide. These leathers are one item that allows you to enjoy the natural texture of the original leather.

This A5 notebook & memo pad leather cover is designed to fit almost the A5 size notebook (Kazun) and RHODIA No.16 memo pad at the same time.

Of course, we are also concerned about design, not to mention leather.
・By dividing the back part, the visual design is tightened, and the fit when held by hand is also taken into consideration.
・The belt uses the same leather on both sides and is 27mm wide and relatively thick.
・The pocket is convenient with several A5 sheets on the back of the memo pad.
・Bookmark loop: The strap of the attached leather bookmark is tied and used. Using this bookmark loop, you can use only a leather strap.

※ Tochigi Leather Nume Leather Bookmark included

※ A notebook, memo pad, ballpoint pen, etc. are not included.

・Dimensions: Approximately 22.5cm in length X approximately 16.2cm in width X approximately 3.6cm in width
 (almost with diary Kazun, Rhodia No.16 memo pad attached, except belt)
・Notebook size (A5 size): Vertical 21.0cm x Horizontal 14.8cm x Thickness 1.8cm
・Notepad (A5 size): Length 21.0cm x Width 14.8cm x Thickness 0.9cm

※ When storing the Takahashi notebook or efficiency notebook, remove the cover of each notebook.

(Classic series)
・Material: Cowhide (Tochigi Leather Nume Leather / Vegetable Tannin Tanning / Oil Pull Up)

・Color: Olive, Camel, Classic Brown, Turquoise Blue

(City series)
・Material: Cowhide (Tochigi Leather Nume Leather / Vegetable Tannin Tanning/ Aniline Finish)

・Color: City Blue, City Black, Bitter Chocolate, Fine Red, Orange

 (The color may vary slightly depending on the photo and lots of leather.)

・Pen loop: 15mm diameter pen compatible

・Manufacture: Japan (handmade by Japanese leather craftsmen)

※ A notebook, memo pad, ballpoint pen, etc. are not included. Only sold on the main unit. (Leather bookmark is included)

 It is a dish that can enjoy aging.

※ It is also characterized by leather wrinkles, scratches, blood streaks remaining.

※Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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